Cheryl's story

Emmaus UK Cheryl Wright customer 140416

I have been a big fan of Emmaus ever since I first went shopping in the Gloucestershire store. I moved to the county to live with my partner for the first time, and after having to buy a new car to get to work and pay out a deposit on our new home we were left a little strapped for cash.

My partner had been to Emmaus before and suggested it would be a good place for us to start in our search for new furniture. As it was our first place together we really wanted to choose the things together, and since that first visit to the superstore we haven’t looked back!

With prices rising, I think that Emmaus not only helps those in need – I couldn’t believe it when I first found out that everyone working in the shop had been homeless -  but also helps young couples like us to be able to access basic household items.

On top of that, Emmaus shops seem to have those more elusive things that make a house a home. I personally have been on the hunt for anything that will make my home have a stylish vintage feel, without the price tag attached! I live near to three different Emmaus branches and I find that each one has its own character and I’ve bought tables, mirrors, candle stick holders, kitchen utensils, DVDs, fabric and more.

I work in marketing and my job is pretty intense, so I haven’t been able to dedicate time to volunteering yet, though I’m keen to do so in the future, or I could see myself setting up my own consultancy giving marketing advice to small start-ups or charitable businesses.

I already blog and follow Emmaus on Twitter, so I try to keep the ball rolling for them in that way. For me, seeing the way people at Emmaus are given a second chance is humbling. I think everyone deserves that, no matter what their circumstances. People who have been homeless shouldn’t be cast out of society just because of what has happened to them.