Companion Core Offer

Preston shaking hands
Our Companion Core Offer sets out a consistent level of support and opportunities that companions will receive, no matter which community they are part of.

It also outlines our Mutual Expectations for companions and staff in relation to a companion’s journey while living in a community, along with the support available to them.

The Companion Core Offer ensures all our communities are able to offer companions the support they need to realise their aspirations and potential. 

This includes:

  • Developing a consistent induction process, including a ‘buddy’ system to help companions to settle into their new community 
  • Providing structured, personalised support to companions during their time at Emmaus 
  • Developing a learning and development programme which will provide a range of training opportunities 
  • Support companions to move on from Emmaus and providing ongoing support once they have left. 



Emmaus communities across the UK have begun to implement the Companion Core Offer and will continue to be supported in the process by Emmaus UK. 

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