Sunday 9 October 2016

Emmaus Village Carlton needs you!

Village Carlton Aerial view 011018

Emmaus Village Carlton is calling on local people to help them raise £20,000 for their new Silverbirches building project that will enable the charity to provide a home for 7 more homeless people in Bedfordshire.

Emmaus Village Carlton currently provides a home for 35 companions as well as meaningful work opportunities in its social enterprises, but the charity is keen to support more homeless people in the area to get their lives back on track.

The Silverbirches project will see the conversion of unused space in an existing building to create seven self-contained rooms for companions, two move-on flats for those companions close to fully independent living, as well as an overnight bedsit for visitors. The charity is currently at £100,000 of their £120,000 target, with money already received from other charities and local supporters, but they still need £20,000 to make the building project a reality.

Ian O’Hara, Community Director at Emmaus Village Carlton said: “The need for additional accommodation for the homeless in the Bedford area is a pressing issue. The Borough unfortunately has one of the highest rough sleeping problems in the country, and we often have to turn away more people than we can accommodate”.

Steve Arnold, Chair of Trustees said: “When the Silverbirches project is completed Emmaus Village Carlton will be able to accommodate 42 companions, giving each and every companion the opportunity to rebuild their lives and work back to independent living”.

If you would like to make a donation to the project, please contact the Community Director, Ian O’Hara via email or by calling 01234 720826.