Get involved

There are a number of ways you can get involved with Emmaus Village Carlton to help us to make a difference to the lives of formerly homeless people.

Emmaus UK president Terry Waite visits the community

Offer your time or expertise as a volunteer

Emmaus Village Carlton relies heavily on the support of its many volunteer workers. Volunteers carry out varied roles in the community, from offering friendship and support to our companions, as Emmaus residents are known, to working in our businesses, which include everything from catering, driving our vans, or working in our shops or recycling operations. There is a suitable job at EVC for anyone and everyone and volunteer workers are absolutely necessary for our continued success.

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Make a financial contribution

Since its inception in 2000 EVC has expanded its activities and facilities at an amazing rate. We are constantly working towards new and innovative developments of our facilities. This has only been possible thanks to the generous donations of many private individuals and grant-making bodies. Would you be able to support our work by offering such a contribution?

If you feel you may able to help EVC in any of the ways listed please contact us today.

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