Calais Appeal

Since December 2014, Emmaus St Albans has been making trips over to "the jungle" in Calais to provide humanitarian aid to refugees living in makeshift camps.  

Regardless of politics, there are 6,000 people living in abject conditions in need of the most basic human needs that we take for granted.

Below you will find reports from previous trips, as well as information on what we are collecting and who to contact.

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October 2016
July 2016 


December 2015 
November 2015
September 2015 
July 2015
June 2015 - our CEO, Tony Ferrier met up with Emmaus Europe to visit the camps in Calais and Dunkerque (no report)
May 2015
April 2015
January 2015 

December 2014

Nicola   shirley Shoe distribution C8

What we need 

Over the last few months we have had a fantastic response from the public, who have donated a lot of items for Calais.  In an effort to make sure that we are taking over items which are needed, in good quality and appropriate.

We are currently focusing on these three things to help our efforts in Calais:

Sleeping Bags

  • New is best.
  • Good condition in their original bags.
  • If they are loose, roll them up tight and place them in a clear poly bag if possible, or roll them up and tie them down tightly.


  • All wood should be free of paint, varnish and any finish.
  • Bed slats are good for kindling wood; best method is to band saw the length into 3 then split each into 2 with an axe.
  • Pack these into bags, if possible. Preferably tough clear bags with about 30 to 60 pieces in each.

Cash donations

  • To reduce the hundreds of hours sorting and facilitate fast and dignified distribution in the camps we (Emmaus St Albans) will purchase new items with any cash donations we receive.
  • New, tough trainers can be purchased for £3.99 a pair.
  • New, good quality thick outdoor ‘Pierre Cardin’ jackets for £9.50.

If you would like to donate any of the above please contact Lin Oh on 01727 817 294 (opt 3).

Useful Information 

If you are planning your own trip over to Calais, please check out our advice page here

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