Tuesday 26 September 2017

Upcycling Isis

Isis upcycling

When she found herself homeless at the age of 24, Isis ended up sleeping on family and friends’ sofas, before moving into the Emmaus Oxford community. One year on, Isis is now using her creative talents to upcycle unwanted furniture, raising funds for Emmaus.

Emmaus Oxford provides a home and meaningful work for people who have experienced homelessness and social exclusion. Our charity shop on Barns Road in Cowley specialises in selling furniture and household items which are donated by members of the public.

“It means a lot to me that I’m able to use my artistic talents to help Emmaus, as they’ve done so much to support me. I love finding pieces of donated furniture and transforming them to be sold in our shop. I have a workshop area and as people donate items, I keep an eye out for things that might otherwise not sell, or sell for very little. Wooden items like tables and chairs are great for upcycling."

Isis uses Annie Sloan chalk paints and has developed her 'shabby-chic' techniques to turn trash to treasures.

“Sometimes things come in and they aren't really sellable, but then I give them a new lease of life. I sand them down and choose different colours, and I sometimes use transfers to add patterns or images. Recycling is one of my passions so it's great to see something that might have otherwise been thrown away, attracting attention on the shop floor."

Isis, companion at Emmaus Oxford 

Her work has also received praise from Emmaus Oxford General Manager, Eddie Blaze. 

“Isis is an incredibly talented individual who works wonders to transform pieces of second-hand furniture into beautiful pieces to sell. Emmaus Oxford is all about giving homeless people much more than just a bed for the night; we support each person as an individual, helping to build up their confidence and develop skills and experience, especially whilst helping to run our charity shop. Companions such as Isis are then able to help raise vital funds to help the charity that supports them.”

Eddie Blaze, Emmaus Oxford General Manager 

Visit the Emmaus Oxford shop to browse the latest upcycled creations by Isis.