Tuesday 14 November 2017

We're looking for new trustees to join our Board!

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Emmaus North East is looking for local people with suitable experience to join our Board of Trustees.

Trustees are vital to the work of Emmaus North East, providing support and expertise which ensure the charity works and grows effectively.

The role can be demanding, but our current and former trustees will assure you that the rewards make it all worthwhile.

Over my life I have worked in many charities from youth clubs to think tanks. Of all those charities, Emmaus has proven to be the most human, the most effective, the most successful of them all in helping to homeless to return to society as contributing members of society. Companions, the ex-homeless, are so valued they even become Board members and trustees of the Emmaus Federation  and serve on the strategy teams. I know of no other homeless charity where this is the case.

Don Pinchbeck, trustee

Being a trustee at Emmaus North East involves two main aspects. Firstly, the governance side, and secondly the management support and guidance. 
As a trustee it is my responsibility to ensure, with my experience and skills, that I actively participate in directing the charity to make sure it is a) financial sound, b) earning revenues to support the community development, c) make full use of the staff, companions and volunteers. This aspect of the role can be really challenging - Board meetings cover critical decisions that can make or break the charity. I like the fact that I am responsible for such important actions and take my role very seriously. That said, being part of the Board team is really exhilarating with such diverse set of people and backgrounds -- from social services, housing  & support team members to those who've run mulit million pound businesses on a global basis. The mix of backgrounds makes for a reslient team and ensures a diverse set of views. 

The Board meetings are far from being the 'stuffy, turn up and appear once a quarter' charity Boards that maybe some might imagine. We meet monthly and they last for up to 3 hours. Intense, hard thinking, and challenging discussions. But we all get a laugh at times over some of the topics that arise and we are bonding well as a team. 

I would recommend becoming a trustee to anyone who has the time and inclination. Chose a charity that you are passionate about and approach them. Don't forget that you will have to give up quite a bit of time. And that if you've not been a trustee before you might need some training. Oh and there is that little aspect of it being a volunteer role!! Your rewards are in making the charity successful. And what a reward that is! 

Jane Small, trustee

We're currently looking for new trustees to join our board. Read more about what we're looking for, and get in touch if you'd like to join us!