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Emmaus communities provide a home and meaningful work to people who have experienced homelessness and social exclusion.

Are you homeless? Without work? In need of a fresh start?

An Emmaus community can help you get back on your feet.

At our residence in South Shields, we provide your own locking room, meals, clothing, a TV, a weekly allowance, and the companionship of others who have experienced homelessness.

ENE house in the snow

Being a companion

"The role of a companion is so much more than having a roof, food and meaningful work.  Since becoming a companion almost 9 years ago, much of my time has been dedicated to giving help and support to others in sometimes the most desperate of circumstances. It is this solidarity work that sets Emmaus apart from others in that by giving aid to those worse off than ourselves, we in turn, give our own lives and recovery from those circumstances that first made us homeless, much more meaning.

Solidarity can be anything from going out on the streets of our towns to feed, talk to and give hope to the many individuals that remain caught within the desperation that is homelessness, to joining in the worldwide efforts of Emmaus, and I've been very fortunate to carry out solidarity acts locally, nationally and internationally.

Our founder, Abbé Pierre told us, 'Serve first, those who suffer most', and it remains a privilege to continue that work.”

     Chris, Emmaus North East companion

As an Emmaus companion, we ask that you volunteer in our social enterprise - collecting and repairing donated household goods, and selling them in our shops; and join in with our solidarity work - engaging with the local, national and global community to help others in whatever way we can.

You will need to be prepared to sign off most benefits, and adhere to the community's rules.

Christmas at Emmaus North East

You will be given opportunities to learn new skills and qualifications, and will have the space to build your confidence until you are ready to move on into independent living - a process we will support you through.

Explore our website and social media channels, give us a call, or come and see us to find out whether an Emmaus community is the right fit for you.

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