Stewart's story

Stewart at Emmaus Merseyside

My name’s Stewart and I’m originally from Warrington. I moved to Southport, lived and worked there for five years, and then moved to Maghull with my partner. Unfortunately that relationship broke down and I found myself homeless.

I lived on the streets for six weeks which wasn’t a very nice thing. I’ve never been used to anything like that and it was quite scary. Eventually someone mentioned a half-way house so I went in there with my little trolley, as you do. I filled out their form but because I wasn’t from that borough I needed to be referred on. I went from one night shelter to another and finally found a place to stay at night.

I stayed at this shelter for four weeks, the maximum term anyone can stay there. Luckily enough, just before my time was up, I found out about Emmaus Merseyside. I got a call from the Support Worker at Emmaus, joined the community in April 2017 and the rest is history. It was a bit weird at first but I’m laid back and fit in with anybody so it was fine really.

At Emmaus I’ve really enjoyed helping all the others, working in the shops and helping in whichever way I can. I’ve already done my first aid and food hygiene training and I’m keen to do anything else that comes up. In future I’d love to do a support work role and help others. I’m looking at getting on some training related to this. So far it’s been a really enjoyable experience here.

To everybody who supports Emmaus, please make sure you carry on donating and shopping with us as every little helps. Emmaus gives opportunities to people who are in the same situation as I was. Some people don’t want to be helped but if we can help them in any way then we will.