Martin's story

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I’ve always had an interest in antiques and collectibles, often spending my weekends at car boot sales and auctions and searching on eBay for unusual items. When I saw the role of online sales manager at Emmaus Gloucestershire, I just had to apply.

My role is to lead a small team in the identification and effective online selling of items of a collectible nature. Our aim is to maximise the profits which can be realised from such items by making full use of online selling platforms, which by their nature reach a far wider audience than our shops.

The items we sell are varied to say the least. We have done very well with bulk lots, multiple items sold as a package, such as foreign bank notes and coins, stamps and cigarette cards.  Items such as these are excellent, as there is a reliable supply from customers, which helps us to ensure a steady income for our Emmaus community.

We also come across some true gems in our daily work. I got very excited when I was handed a large box of original 1967/8 Action Man figures and accessories. Collectively these raised over £200. We also unearthed a stunning print from 1737 depicting Gloucester as it was back then. This was a particularly exciting item from a local history perspective as it had numbered features on it to enable identification of local landmarks.                                                    

We recently received an amazing pair of WW1 officer’s boots, which are currently on auction on our ebay site, and are very interesting indeed. They have boot trees inside to keep the boots in good condition, which have the owners name – Philip Jones - written on them.  We have managed to track down additional information on him and found out that he served in the King’s Royal Rifle Corps and fell in Flers, France in September 1916. These boots are well worn so have real history attached to them.

In terms of things we are looking for the list is unlimited. We always welcome vinyl records, stamps, coins and cigarette cards. Old toys are a favourite too but literally anything unusual or quirky has the potential to sell, ensuring the future stability of our community and support for our residents now and into the future.

Visit Emmaus Gloucestershire's ebay shop here.