Gary's story

Emmaus Mossley companion Gary

I have been a companion at Emmaus Mossley for coming up to four years now. My day to day role involves a real mix of activities. I am one of a number of chefs who cook meals for the community and order stock. I help out on the café serving customers, clearing tables and washing pots. I work in the retail area to serve customers, load items into vehicles and get furniture ready for delivery. I also work on the vans, delivering and picking up donated items, to and from customers’ homes.

At Emmaus I am also involved in different solidarity activities. Solidarity is an important part of the Emmaus ethos and something I enjoy helping out with. I am a regular volunteer on the soup runs to Manchester City Centre where we provide clothes, warm food and drinks to people who are street homeless. As part of this I ring ahead to Indian Ocean to order the curry that they donate to our outreach work.

Being part of Emmaus has allowed me to see and do much more than I ever imagined. Last year I visited Emmaus Fenniks in the Netherlands to work in their gardens and meet other members from Emmaus. I have taken part in the Paris Salon – an annual event that raises money for Emmaus International charity projects worldwide. I found these visits really interesting, meeting and speaking to people from all over Europe. I am also a companion representative and regularly attend companion forums to meet people from other Emmaus communities within the UK.

I enjoy being part of Emmaus Mossley, working and living with other people and talking to them about their lives. I also like meeting our customers and supporters, talking to them about things if they ask. Emmaus was there for me when I was at my lowest and have helped me to rebuild my confidence and my life. I can say with all sincerity that I honestly don’t know where I would be without Emmaus, it really doesn’t bear thinking about.