Friday 18 January 2019

Hidden Heroes - Companion category winner

Hidden hero Companion AJ

Andy was nominated due to his willingness to help others. He steps in when help is needed even if it is on his day off. If another companion has an appointment after working hours he will drive them there, wait and then bring them back. He supports the other companions when they are going through a rough time by offering to spend his weekend with them taking them to places out of the community, either for walks or visiting local attractions. This makes him someone that all of the companions trust implicitly and feel they can divulge their problems to. Andy offers to do the food donation collections and is the first person to offer to help out at the soup kitchen.

I think every Community wishes that they could have an Andy. He is always calm, no matter what the issues might be in the community. A very conscientious man who likes to take pride in what he does."