Wednesday 16 January 2019

Hidden Heroes - Solidarity category winner

Hidden hero Solidarity DP  1

David is the Police Liaison Officer at Emmaus Dover. He always makes himself available during his working week and also in his time off to give advice. He visits the community on a regular basis and will make time to talk with all the companions. He has supported the staff in dealing with issues at the weekend when there is only one staff member on duty. Nothing is ever too much trouble for him and he is more than happy to be called day or night. One of his duties is to patrol the seafront in the town and, even though it is not part of his role, he helps people in need of help. This could be visiting the community to get a sleeping bag or spending time talking those that are in a bad place mentally and then signposting them where to get help.

I have never met anyone that is so willing to give their time with nothing in return. He is very much humanitarian and passionate in helping people. There are no real words that can explain what a fantastic person and asset to our community David is.”