Wednesday 30 August 2017

Confidence training gives Jenni a real boost

Jenni Emmaus Salford

Companions at Emmaus Salford and Emmaus Mossley have completed a confidence-building media training course at MediaCityUK, Salford, helping to build their confidence in public speaking.

Jenni was one of four companions to attend the course, building her skills and confidence in public speaking through interviews with journalists from newspapers, magazines, TV and radio channels.

“I’ve done a couple of radio and newspaper interviews whilst I’ve been at Emmaus, so once I knew about the opportunity I was really interested in getting involved” Jenni, one of the companions to take part in the training explains.

Split into two sections, companions spent the first half of the day with a vocal coach, before interview preparation with journalists in the afternoon. “The session with the vocal coach was really good fun and included reading the Gruffalo in silly voices. It was really simple, but made everyone feel more comfortable and relaxed with one another.”

In the afternoon companions took turns in mock TV, radio and print interviews based on different scenarios surrounding homelessness, before receiving feedback from the media professionals. “I received some really constructive feedback, which I really appreciated. I’ve always appreciated feedback because it helps me develop. There’s nothing worse than wanting to improve on something and not knowing how to.”

Companions were then given another go, this time using the feedback they’d received: “Of the three interviews, surprisingly I found the TV interview the most comfortable. I was able to use the techniques we’d been taught on the morning, which really helped me with my answers. Matt, the interviewer had also given me some really useful feedback that I used on my second go.”

“I’ve noticed a real difference in my own approach to work since the training and generally speaking I’d say that it has made me more relaxed as a person, which is brilliant.”

The training course has given Jenni a new insight into the media industry and left her thinking about a future career, “I feel less intimidated by the media industry now. I’m currently responsible for the social media accounts at Emmaus Salford and going forward I’d be interested in looking at the different careers that are available within the media industry.”

The experience also strengthened Jenni’s belief in the importance of training at Emmaus, “I think it’s vital. As a companion it gives you confidence and allows you to try things that you wouldn’t have had the chance to do before. Being in a secure environment at an Emmaus community is also important because you don’t have the worries about paying bills, buying food, or finding accommodation, you have more time to really focus on your personal development. There are definitely more opportunities in the pipeline for me and I can’t wait to get stuck in.”