Monday 14 April 2014

Emmaus runners cross finish line

Emmaus UK KylieCrane marathon finish line 140413

Six tired but happy runners made it over the finish line at Buckingham Palace on Sunday 13 April 2014, as they completed the Virgin London Marathon 2014.

Only one of Emmaus's runners didn't make it to the big day, Jasper Pearce, who suffered an injury beforehand which knocked him out of the race.

Marathon mum, Kylie Crane managed to get round the course in 5:14 despite hurting her knee around mile 13. She said: "I was dosed up on pain killers by my mum from about half way round, but the marathon was still the most amazing experience of my life. The support was overwhelming and despite the pain I managed to hobble my way round. The last mile was just the most uplifting and amazing thing I've ever encountered and the memory will stay with me forever.

"I only started running a couple of years ago - I couldn't even run a mile before that. Yesterday was a lifetime ambition and it felt so amazing to finish. I would really encourage anyone who has the urge, to give it a go next year."

John McGuinness, running for Emmaus Medway, made it round the route in an impressive three hours and 44 minutes, with volunteer Steve, running for Emmaus South Wales only minutes behind, at 3:54.

Emmaus Village Carlton companion Stuart and friends Klara and Lisa all came in under five hours.

Chief Executive, Arvinda Gohil, said: "We are so thrilled for all of our runners that they managed to get around the tough 26.2 mile course, in such warm weather. The money that they have raised is invaluable to Emmaus, and will go towards supporting more people as we work together to end homelessness.

"Emmaus currently supports 600 people across the UK by giving them work and a place to call home. We hope to extend that to 750 places by 2017, and it is fundraising events like this that make all the difference."

You can still support this year's runners by going to our marathon page, or why not read companion Stu's marathon blog.

If you would like to take part in a fundraising event, contact Ruby on 01233 379262.