Emmaus Mossley is a charity that gives back.

Emmaus Mossley complete a Manchester soup run for street homeless people.

Emmaus founder, Abbé Pierre, encouraged everyone to ‘serve first those most in need’ and we continue to try and live by this, ensuring that our community supports people worse off than us.

This can be very valuable for Emmaus companions as it is often key to helping to rebuild self-esteem, proving that everyone has the capacity to make a difference to the lives of others.

Acts of solidarity can vary from raising money for a charity that means a lot to the companion or community, to doing work to help someone in the wider community.

Emmaus Mossley is dedicated to providing solidarity support in many different ways. We donate goods, we donate time and we raise funds for organisations and individuals in need.

Some of the goods we donate include sleeping bags, food, play equipment, furniture, bedding, tools, and glasses. These are sent to local, national and international good causes as well as Emmaus communities abroad.

We regularly receive referral requests for furniture and essential items from many different agencies and support organisations. These are donated to families or individuals who are vulnerable, marginalised or in financial need.

Our companions, staff and volunteers also give their time and expertise to causes outside of the Emmaus Mossley community. These include Tameside Animal Shelter, The Canal & River Trust, new Emmaus communities just getting started, litter picks in the local community, the Emmaus Paris Salon and feeding street homeless people in Manchester city centre.

Emmaus Mossley allocates a small percentage of the funds we raise to solidarity related work and projects over the year. We plan and prioritise to ensure we support a mix of international, national and local projects focussed around our solidarity objectives.

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