Monday 4 December 2017

Gill and Liz join the Emmaus team

Liz and Gill at Emmaus

This year we’ve welcomed two new staff members to the Emmaus Mossley team. Read on to find out how Gill (right) and Liz (left) are supporting our community members and social enterprise.

Hi, I am Gill, the (not so new) Companion Support Worker here at Emmaus Mossley. My back ground is in youth and community work and more recently working in the charitable sector.

Since joining Emmaus I have been made to feel so welcome by everyone which has made getting started much easier. I love getting to know each person and working to identify ways to help and support them. Together we have had some quick wins and are on the way to addressing some bigger challenges that will improve individuals’ choices for the future. That’s what the job is about!

Gill Nettleton, Companion Support Worker at Emmaus Mossley

I’m Liz, the new Retail Assistant here at Emmaus Mossley.  My role covers all aspects of the retail operation from organising the incoming goods and selling them on the shop floor to getting involved with our in-store events.  In addition it involves working alongside our companions and volunteers on all aspects of retail. 

There are several elements of this role that I really enjoy.  The team work and working alongside companions and volunteers make for a very rewarding role which draws upon some of my previous managing and teaching/training experiences prior to joining Emmaus.

As I settle into Emmaus I hope to be able to bring more of my creative artistic and marketing skills to the role. As well as working part-time for Emmaus I am a Reportage Illustrator and artist (visual journalist) with a studio at Woodend Mill. 

Liz Ackerley, Retail Assistant at Emmaus Mossley

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