Art Group

The Emmaus Mossley Art Group meets on a weekly basis with members covering all different subjects and using many different media.

Art Corner display by Tonie Rigby at Emmaus Mossley

The Art Group has been present at Longlands Mill since approximately 2002. Way back when Emmaus Mossley was in its infancy, artist Tonie Rigby literally knocked on the door and asked if she could have a studio here. The then community leader said yes providing she offered a weekly Art Group to help companions integrate with the local community.

The Emmaus Mossley Art Group has been here ever since, growing in number and allowing members to hone their artistic skills each week. There are currently around 15 members, typically artists from the local community, but over the years quite a few companions have joined in whilst staying at Emmaus Mossley.

Did you know that the impressive wall mural in the Zimmerman’s area of the Emmaus Mossley superstore was created by Vince O’Neil, a former companion and Art Group member? Vince drew inspiration for the portraits of famous rock and pop stars from record covers, photos and books.

The Art Group has a display space in the Emmaus Mossley superstore and the pieces are available to buy. The group has held pop up galleries in the shop and training room, and also exhibited locally in the library and at the very prestigious Gallery Oldham.

Members take artistic inspiration from many different sources including Emmaus, the local community and the wider natural environment. The group love meeting up each week, working together on different projects and feel very supported by staff and companions at Emmaus.

Please note that the Art Group is currently at capacity and not accepting any new members.

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