Margy's story

Margy at Emmaus Merseyside

My name is Margy, I'm from Litherland and have been involved with Emmaus Merseyside since 2015. I was very welcomed from the first day. I have met a lot of lovely people along my journey who have inspired me so much.

Back when I started I was unemployed and felt I needed something to help build my confidence back up. I took part in a course from the Jobcentre and for the two-week work placement I chose Emmaus Merseyside. I decided I wanted to stay on and support Emmaus so I started volunteering.

I started off by doing bits in the Charity Superstore and workshop because I love making things and fixing furniture. I did quite a bit of cleaning of donated items and some customer service but I preferred to be in the workshop.

I’ve learnt a lot and have been given the opportunity to attend many courses. I have achieved many qualifications to help improve my chances of a career, which has been very useful. Whilst volunteering with Emmaus I’ve been on a six week joinery course, a calligraphy course in Toxteth, first aid, manual handling and the Upcycle-It training course.

Emmaus also put me on a security course and I successfully got my badge. I did security at the community building before it opened and with that experience secured a job doing security. I still stayed on as a volunteer at Emmaus though as I love it here. I love the atmosphere, it has kept me motivated and it has allowed me to give something back.

After the community building opened I volunteered to get rooms ready, cleaned a lot and helped with anything that needed doing. In the workshop I did various jobs from upcycling, PAT testing, repairing furniture and also making items such as garden planters, and Christmas reindeers out of wood which are a huge success.

I’ve now secured a part-time job at Emmaus Merseyside, helping to coordinate the day to day work in the Charity Superstore. When I am at Emmaus I feel part of a community where everybody helps each other and I just want to give something back and help in any way I can. I’m taking each day as it comes because you don’t know what’s around the corner but I’m loving it.

Emmaus to me brings a brighter future for people, helps rebuild lives by giving companions a stable home and helping them find a positive way to move forward with their lives. To everyone who supports the charity I say spread the word about what we do, it’s a great place and you’re guaranteed to find a bargain.