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The turnover amongst the Companion population has slowed down considerably in the last year. At the time of writing we have 22 Companions in residence although it has been as high as 23 which is full occupancy.

We have also seen an increase in the number of referrals we receive from the local area with 17 of the current residences have either Medway or Kent links.

Emmaus Medway continues to support local people by offering them accommodation and support in return for them volunteering in the social enterprise. This does not always work out for people and we have seen the support we provide being truly transitional with Companions moving on in a short timescale.

We have also seen success with move on with a number of Companions moving onto employment and living independently in the Community. The outcomes from the Community are not always what you would expect but we have successfully supported Companions in dealing with addictions, debts and personal development.

Of particular note was George Trotter who recently moved onto employment and independent living after spending some time as a Companion in the Medway Community. During his time with the Emmaus movement he George Trotterdeveloped a passion for extreme obstacle courses, which resulted in him improving his fitness, making new friends, meeting his new partner and securing a job through the contacts he made. George is a real testament to how successful Emmaus can be in supporting people to get back on their feet.

Another long standing Companion of Emmaus Medway also left the Community in December 2014 to take up a driver position with Tesco. He also moved in with his long term partner and fiancé. Feedback received directly from him since he left suggests that the move has really worked for him as he Paul Taitis still working for Tesco’s having moved into a permanent position and is currently planning his wedding.

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