Monday 19 November 2018

Upcycling textiles


Our volunteers are creating a new upcycling textiles and craft department in the Emmaus La Boutique shop in Hinckley., and need your help.

A group of our lovely volunteers have been hard at work to launch the brand new department in our popular Castle Street shop. The idea is spear-headed by Hinckley resident Jane Grice, who has a great passion for promoting ways to avoid textile waste:

I contacted Emmaus because I know that charity shops are a place where often donated clothes which aren't in a fit state to be resold, are recycled as rags. Although this is definitely valuable recycling, I wanted to show people what else can be done with these items." 

Jane and group of other local volunteers now meet weekly to go through the donated textiles items, giving new life to old clothing.

Furniture upcycling is very popular these days; we want to spread the word about how old item of clothing and other textiles can become wonderful upcycling and craft projects. In many cases we effectively strip them back to their component parts. What used to be an old dress could yield fabulous buttons for a craft project and strips of beautiful cotton could become part of a lovely new piece of clothing."

3 ways you can can help...

1. If you have any spare craft materials (sewing-related or other) please donate them.
2. If you would like to volunteer to help (either joining in the weekly meetings or upcycling textiles to be resold, from home), please get in touch.
3. Visit the new Upcycling Textiles and Crafts department of our La Boutique shop - have a rummage through this treasure trove. It's amazing what bargains you will be able to find, especially if you are into upcycling and usually source your textiles materials from a fabric shop.

The Emmaus La Boutique shop can be found on 47 Castle Street in Hinckley, open Monday to Saturday 9am - 4.30pm.

For more information about volunteering or donating items for this project please contact Matt Taylor on 01455 637587.