Thursday 22 March 2018

Working with Emmaus Lambeth - Katherine Blackler from SortMySpace Ltd

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Katherine Blackler is the owner of and friend of Emmaus Lambeth

Her business involves helping numerous home owners and offices across London to reduce their surplus stuff and then cleverly organise and store what they decide to keep, often bringing a large amount of her client’s decluttered items into our shops on Knights Hill West Norwood.

This weekend,  in collaboration with Emmaus Lambeth, sees the launch of Spring Clearing Week running from 24th - 30th March.

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It’s run by APDO (Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers), which Katherine is soon to become President of, to help members of the public focus on creating a positive environment for the rest of the year.

The campaign empowers people to let go of their clutter and create more physical and mental space to do the things they love.

As she explains -

 “There’s a lovely synergy between helping clients who feel overwhelmed with too much stuff in their own homes and rediverting to a charity like Emmaus that does such great work with the homeless. It’s been great getting to know the staff and companions over the past couple of years as I drop off donations.

My clients like knowing where their stuff is heading and who will benefit. It makes it so much easier for them to let go when I talk about Emmaus’ work.

So if you feel a spring in your step and want to get involved in Spring Clearing Week, here are Katherine’s top tips.

  • Getting started is often the hardest part of decluttering. Take little steps if giant leaps are unrealistic. But definitely start.
  • Focus on just one space at a time. Choose a room, or even a drawer, and don’t get distracted by other areas. You will get to them.
  • Allocate dedicated time to sort through your things so you can focus on the task at hand. And try to eliminate distractions (including mobile phones, TV, children and pets where possible).
  • Declutter before buying any more storage so you can see what you really need. We often have more storage than we think.
  • Take ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos. You’ll be inspired by how far you’ve come.
  • Reward yourself for your achievements, both during and at the end of the process (ideally with experiences and not more ‘stuff’!).
  • Ask for impartial and professional help if it seems daunting or it becomes too emotional reviewing belongings with your friends and family. Find your nearest APDO member at

Feel free to share your success stories on social media using the hashtag #SpringClearing2018

Emmaus are always happy to receive any of your quality surplus items that could be resold through our shops!

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