Thursday 11 January 2018

Working with Emmaus Lambeth - "Paloma in Disguise"


As part of our Emmaus Lambeth Clothes Drive to start 2018, throughout January we are teaming up with charity shop blogger Hannah (@palomaindisguise) to encourage members of the public to donate their unwanted clothes, shoes and handbags to our clothes shop in Knights Hill West Norwood.

It's a great reason to make some space for all the new clothes you received for Christmas, while at the same time doing something positive for a local charity.

Today, Hannah shares her story with us:

"Hi! I'm Hannah and I write the blog Paloma in Disguise.

I began my blog back in 2012 because I was into readin g and enjoying other fashion blogs and wanted to get in on the writing and photography action.

Over time my blog has become more and more charity shop focused as I now favour second-hand shops over the high-street. 

Over the past year I have worked on campaigns with other big name charities, encouraging others to donate unloved clothes and to also bag a bargain. 

Most weekends I can be found rummaging around charity shops and up-cycling clothes to make them into something unique"

A very big thank you to Hannah for sharing her story!

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