Friday 22 September 2017

Together in the community - Emmaus Lambeth and Les Deux Amies

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On 20th September I went over to Box Park Croydon to meet up with Adeline and Caroline, owners of Les Deux Amies Crepe shop.

Having both moved to England 10 years ago from Angers in France, they knew all about Emmaus and the work we do to end homelessness.

Adeline told me about how she and Caroline met and how their relationship with Emmaus Lambeth began.

"We met 10 years ago in Angers, a city in Western France.





Soon after that I moved to England to work in hospitality while Caroline stayed behind and studied at business school and in 2014 she came to England herself.

It was Caroline's idea to start our own business and in July 2014 Les Deux Amies was created.

At the time we was living in Stockwell and because I had heard of Emmaus from back home in France we wanted to involve an Emmaus charity local to us in London to help us in what we do at Les Deux Amies.


A friend recommended Emmaus Lambeth so we got in contact with them and soon after we was asking the companions to help out with our Crepe stalls when we went to catering markets and festivals, our first event with Emmaus Lambeth being at Christmas 2014".

Since then Adeline and Caroline have opened their first shop in Box Park Croydon in 2016, as well as one in Shoreditch and hope to open many more in the future.

A big thank you to both of them from Emmaus Lambeth!