Friday 18 August 2017

Together in the community - Emmaus Lambeth and Ethan & Graces


Recently Natalie Berryman, a local resident, was asked to write a story for us about her relationship with Emmaus Lambeth and her hand painted furniture business, Ethan & Graces.

" My name is Natalie Berryman and I'm the owner of Ethan & Graces hand painted furniture.

I came across Emmaus Lambeth around 4 years ago, way before I started my business as I live locally and as a lover of vintage and retro items Emmaus was perfect for me.

I first realised I had a passion for furniture and painting when I bought my first few items and thoroughly enjoyed the whole process of sourcing, choosing the colour, the painting and of course the end result. 

I quickly fell in love with this and knew I wanted to turn this into a career. I taught myself everything I needed to know and I went from there.

The last piece I bought from Emmaus was a beautiful vintage Bureau Desk.

It had so much potential to be brought back to life and turned out amazing, it's a complete one off piece and you don't get that often.


To know that my business is helping a charity like Emmaus and Emmaus is helping me is a great feeling.

I couldn't get a job more satisfying than this, so thank you Emmaus! 

A big thank you to Natalie for her story!

For more information about Ethan & Graces please go to: