Thursday 17 August 2017

Spires service user story - Walk for Solidarity 2017

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As part of our on-going Walk for Solidarity 2017 fundraising campaign we have nominated two charities who will be beneficiaries of any funds raised.

One of which is Spires Day Centre in Streatham, south east London and over the coming weeks we will be sharing the stories and testimonies of their volunteers and service users to give more of an insight into the fantastic work they do in the local community.

“Sally” has been accessing Spires Streetlink for just over 2 years.

From the first point of contact via outreach, she asked for help and expressed a strong desire for life to change for her.

Sally set a long term plan with very specific goals; the first was to gain a stable home of her own and then to enter into treatment and re-build family relationships.

It’s the areas in between the official referrals and the periods of time prior to achieving those goals where the consistent support, motivation and hand-holding are such a vital part of containing disappointments and frustrations for Sally.

Sally has already achieved some of her goals, and despite life still being pretty chaotic between achievement, the progression forward it very clear to see and an absolute privilege for us to be part of her journey forward.

*At the request of Spires, names have been changed*

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