Thursday 3 August 2017

Spires service user story - Walk for Solidarity 2017

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As part of our on-going Walk for Solidarity 2017 fundraising campaign we have nominated two charities who will be beneficiaries of any funds raised.

One of which is Spires Day Centre in Streatham, south east London and over the coming weeks we will be sharing the stories and testimonies of their volunteers and service users to give more of an insight into the fantastic work they do in the local community.

"Brian" - Adult Learning ( Film Club )

Brian’s motivation for joining the film course was to improve his writing.

At first he found it a challenge to follow some class discussions and would often resort to a balancing trick with his lighter when he lost the thread or topic.

With support, the group used simplified synonyms in discussion, using voice activated google and MS word and Brian could follow discussions better, gathering a good vocabulary list. He also used these tools and was very interested in writing rap music.

At first Brian wasn’t confident using the computer and despite being supported by peers and tutors would often be the last learner to log in and get started. This had a negative effect on his confidence and writing and he was also very reluctant to use the work booklet provided and preferred to write on blank paper.

Brian worked in a small group to complete adjective, noun and verb challenges, quizzes ad games although he preferred to work independently.

Brian used a laptop in the classroom for the first time during Film Club and his confidence using computers has since increased.

Each session began with word collection and discussion after watching a short film clip.

Brian would usually be very uncomfortable and on the second session came late possibly to avoid this tasks. When this was discussed with Brian he said he was fine and he was given the option to select his own clip which had a positive effect on his punctuality.

During the subsequent session Brian then began collaborating and discussed clips with the rest of the group.

Brian grow in confidence and presented some writing to the group. Performing a rap and a Haiku poem he had written in class. Peers supported Brian and gave positive feedback. 

*At the request of Spires, names have been changed*

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