Wednesday 22 February 2017

Rebecca's story - Volunteering with Emmaus Lambeth


On 30th December 2016 Emmaus Lambeth welcomed Rebecca, Yoann, Thibault and Adrien - students from La Rochelle Business School in France.

As part of their volunteer placement they received first hand experience of life at an Emmaus community as well being involved in the every day activities and meeting the Companions.

Yoann, Thibault and Adrien have since returned to France, but today, on her last day with us,  Rebecca shared her experience of the past 2 months of working and living with Emmaus Lambeth:

"I have been with Emmaus Lambeth for two months, from 3rd January to 22nd February, as a volunteer. 

It was a really good experience to work with all the Companions, the other volunteers and the members of staff, as well as having the opportunity to live at an Emmaus Community.

I have learnt a lot in my time here, both professionally and personally and I had a really warm welcoming. They taught me everything I needed to know with a lot of kindness. 

When I arrived from France, I thought the way in which Emmaus Lambeth worked would be the same as in the Emmaus' in France, what I found was they use another way and it is very good. 

I am looking forward to coming back to England in the future and maybe working again with Emmaus. "

A big thank you to Rebecca, Thibault, Yoann and Adrien!