Wednesday 11 January 2017

Volunteering with Emmaus Lambeth

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Are you a Lambeth resident looking to offer your spare time to volunteer for a local homeless charity?

Have you been unemployed for some time and find that you struggle with being on your own, with often nothing to do during the day?

Maybe you are looking for ways to bring some structure and routine into your life whilst you continue to look for full or part time employment?

Whether it be working in one of our social enterprises or on one of our vans delivering and collecting household goods, our volunteer coordinator, Glen is on hand to support people like you by offering supported volunteering opportunities here at Emmaus Lambeth.

For more information about volunteering at Emmaus Lambeth please contact or visit our page

As well as taking on volunteers within our West Norwood community and shops in Wallington, Caterham and Carshalton, Dan Nisbett at Emmaus Lambeth also provides volunteers to help out at the kitchen for Lambeth Assessment Centre in Bond Way, Vauxhall.

We happily accept any expressions of interest from both the general public and those living in supported housing, in the London Borough of Lambeth and wider areas of London.

The volunteers we recruit are there everyday providing hot meals for the homeless residents during their stay there, as they receive support and temporary accommodation.

For more information about volunteering at Lambeth Assessment Centre  please contact or visit our page by following the link below: