Thursday 14 April 2016

Craig's Success


Craig has successfully progressed from Companion at Emmaus Lambeth to being a staff member as a Business Support Worker of selling furniture, clothes, bric-a-brac and books.  Craig was a Companion for four years and during that time was allocated work on household duties, crewing a van and helping in the shops.

His previous career had been in the management of pubs and clubs and then there were difficult times until Emmaus Lambeth welcomed him.

Last year Craig took part in the Moldova Project charity by going with a group of volunteers for eleven days to renovate properties of poor families in a village in Moldova.  He found it so rewarding that he wants to go back as soon as possible.

This week Craig attended the Emmaus Federation National Assembly, held once a year, and gave a great presentation about from a Companion to a member of staff.

Craig has done really well and the only way now is to continue onwards and upwards.