Wednesday 30 March 2016

Ed's Story


New Companion Ed has not had an easy ride. He was with social services soon after he was born, was adopted at the age of seven and by eighteen was homeless without a family.  Ed did try to live with mum but there were financial difficulties and also with dad but there were family problems.  Trying to hold on to a job proved difficult and Ed was just drifting along ending up on the streets.

Ed found he was in a vicious circle and trying to escape was hard but then he came across Terri from Street Rescue who told him about the 999 Club and they gave him a roof over his head.  This good turn was what Ed wanted and it gave him hope for the future.  The kick start with guidance also helped him to understand the damage he was causing himself by binge drinking.

On Tuesday (29th March) Ed described the hardship of homelessness on BBC 2's Newsnight in a film by David Young.  In the film Ed said:"There is a system in place but it is not a system designed for helping people it is a system designed for keeping people where they are at".

At present Ed is part of the Emmaus Lambeth Community where he is provided with an en-suite room, meals, and a weekly allowance in return for working a five day week and signing off of Job Seekers Allowance.  Ed works in the Community shops, phone bookings line, or any other part of the Community where his skills are needed.  Ed says :"His future is to study English to be able to write, increase his vocabulary, look for housing and take up cycling".  He adds: "I am optimistic and excited for the future - it can only get better".