Wednesday 16 March 2016

Class of 2012

IMG 20160317 112355

Ex Companions Phil, Phil and Xander came this week to redecorate some Companions' rooms at the Emmaus Lambeth Community.  They knew each other by having stayed here in 2012 and it was great to meet up again.  They are part of the Lambeth Volunteers scheme and are assigned temporary work while they look for more permanent employment.

They were happy to be kept busy by helping and felt that giving something back to Emmaus shows their gratitude for being provided with a home in their hour of need.

Asked if anything special had recently happened Phil said: "I was one of the first to test the running track for the London 2012 Olympics.  My time wasn't quite as fast as Usain Bolt!"  Xander said:" While I was working as a chef I arranged a first course for Tom Jones.  I tried to get his autograph but was unlucky, hopefully it wasn't due to the meal."

Lambeth Pathways Work Coordinator Graham (see Graham's Story, 21st January 2016) who is organising the work knew all three Companions as he was also here as a Companion in 2012 making it a small world.  New Companions arriving will now appreciate their beautiful accommodation thanks to previous residents.