Wednesday 2 March 2016

Emmaus Lambeth at The Oscars (nearly)


Congratulations to Jenny Beavan on her second career Oscar for costume design in the film "Mad Max: Fury Road" at the Academy Awards in Hollywood last weekend.  The film won six Oscars and was very highly rated by the critics as the best action film of the year.  Her acceptance was grateful for the support of her assistants, one being Tony a new Companion at Emmaus Lambeth.

Tony had helped Jenny three years ago by making the costume of the baddie Immortan Joe in the film. Tony said "One project for the film was to fly to Australia on the Monday, work briefly on the costumes and fly back on the Friday".  Jenny and Tony had already worked together twelve years earlier in Morroco on the Oliver Stone film "Alexander" and one of Tony's jobs was to repair the leather armour for Colin Farrell's army. 

Tony is now based in our clothes shop on Knights Hill, West Norwood and feels at home displaying many different types of mens and womens garments.  If you would like to visit and have a chat about costume design in films you would be most welcome.