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Emmaus doesn’t only have a significant impact on the lives of people who have experienced homelessness and social exclusion, it also brings wider social and economic benefits.

Emmaus's social impact

In 2012, a group of researchers talked to companions and staff members in seven communities across the UK, trying to establish the main outcomes of Emmaus’s work.

Their research found that for every £1 invested in an established Emmaus community, £11 is generated in social, environmental and economic returns. 

The benefits included:

  • Keeping people out of hospital, and helping them to be safe and well, saved the Department of Heath £1,478,506 for NHS and emergency service costs;
  • Emmaus saved local government £2,447,612 which would have been spent on hostel accommodation, drug and alcohol services and landfill;
  • Keeping people in work and out of prison saved the Ministry of Justice £778,435.

The report found that Emmaus communities successfully provide a place for people in vulnerable housing situations to rebuild their lives by offering them meaningful work and support. Significant benefits were linked to substantial improvements in companions’ physical and mental health, including reductions in substance misuse.

Read the full Making an Impact report.

Solidarity   Frank with kids

Helping those in greater need

Everyone at Emmaus carries out acts of solidarity, helping those in greater need than themselves. This is key to restoring feelings of self-esteem.

Find out more about solidarity.

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