Wednesday 24 January 2018

Emmaus Herts team up with Care4Calais


On Sunday 21st January, we teamed up with Care4Calais on a long, freezingly cold, incessantly wet day in Calais.

Despite the inclement weather, we were actually able to deliver lots of valuable donations to those in need.

Thanks to the fabulous #boots1000 group we distributed another 100 pairs of brand new walking boots... the need never ends; conditions are so cold and wet, but the refugees must sit outside all day. Several migrants hugged our volunteers, they were so relieved to get dry feet. Boots continue to be a number one need.

We also distributed 30 bashas donated by Jungle Canopy - our only answer to the police who are continually removing tents - and 60 power banks, aiding the refugees with cheap electricity.

It was a long, hard and tough day for the volunteers, but much was achieved. We left with a grim take-home message - instead of moaning about the weather we experience in this country, let's spare a thought for our friends in Calais, who - like us - are soaked through and tired, but have no home to return to when the night draws in.