Chris' story

pat testing

Before Emmaus, I spent much of my time on the streets - around 14 years in total. I left home at 16 when my mum got a new partner; we didn’t get on at all and after failing my GCSEs, he kicked me out. I slept in my next-door neighbour’s garden for a while, staring at my house and crying before moving in with my Dad. Sadly, he passed away just two years later so I escaped up North. I was young and vulnerable at that time, so naturally I got in with the wrong crowd – I went to jail six times in three years as a result. After waking up high on my 24th birthday, I received a call from my mum. It was that phone call that made me realise I couldn’t carry on living the life I was; I fled back to my mum’s and found myself a girlfriend. It was great for a while, but when that relationship broke down and things with my stepdad didn’t improve, I decided to move to Emmaus Hertfordshire and make a better life for myself.

I’ve been at Emmaus for six months now and I’m really enjoying it. I didn’t realise how well I’d respond to structure; I think it’s something I’ve probably always needed but hadn’t experienced before.

When I first arrived I was put on the shop floor, but now I tend to do PAT testing because I’ve discovered I’m really good at it. I’m hoping to go to college next year to start an electrician course. Working in both environments has made me realise that I am definitely a people’s person, something I didn’t know about myself until I became a companion; people are always very complimentary when I speak to them on the phone, I like interacting with customers.

Thank you to those who shop at Emmaus Hertfordshire, you are really are directly helping and supporting people like myself. I’ve come to realise that the world isn’t always a kind place, but it’s a lot nicer at Emmaus.