Monday 7 July 2014

Radishes and roses in Hampshire garden

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From radishes to roses, companion Kelly is working hard to bring a splash of colour to the Emmaus Hampshire garden.

Although Kelly, 50, has always enjoyed getting down to some gardening, she has never before had the chance to take on nearly two acres of land.

Since joining the Hampshire community, Kelly has taken on sole responsibility for the plot, watering the flowers and making sure that the community's potatoes, radishes and tomatoes are thriving.

In fact, she has dug in so well to her new role, that in September she will take on a one-day-a-week course in Practical Horticulture, running at her local college.

Kelly said: "Until now, it has all been a bit of guesswork for me, but I've always just enjoyed sticking things in the ground and seeing if they would take off or not. I am so excited about going to college to learn the proper names for the plants, and how to prune them and when to plant them, all of that stuff. I could really see it being the way I want to go in the future."

Tom O' Connor, business manager at Emmaus Hampshire, said: "When new companions come to our community, we make a point of asking them what their existing skills are, but also try to find out what new skills people would like to develop.

"The garden we have at Hampshire offers Kelly the perfect opportunity to add another string to her bow. We also welcome volunteers too, so if there's anyone out there who would be able to spare a few hours to give Kelly some gardening tips, they'd be more than welcome, just drop us a line."

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