Linda's story

Linda ESW

I left the UK for Australia in 1967. Being a sea wife, I became a non-resident, visiting many countries around the world. I saw so much poverty and people needing help that I was determined to help people once back in Wales. 

After supporting my two daughters Britt and Michele in their professions to become a lawyer and an art lecturer, I was able to dedicate time to volunteering. I’ve been volunteering for different organisations for 10 years. 

I started volunteering at Emmaus South Wales three years ago and help in the Cowbridge shop. The staff and companions are just great! My contribution of seven hours every Wednesday just proves that. I also come in on a Saturday too if the Shop Manager needs a hand. After sharing my positive experience I’ve managed to persuade other people to volunteer in the Emmaus shop in Cowbridge. 

Something I really enjoy is creating the shop window displays. I come from an artistic background having worked as an art lecturer for Social Services and Barry College. In April, we did a beautiful themed window display with a range of hats decorated with colourful flowers. We wanted to attract people into the shop, so I designed this window to the best of my ability with that in mind. I named this window display Easter Time. Next, I plan to do a picnic theme ready for the warmer weather, so my house is currently full of baskets! 

The Emmaus shop in Cowbridge is my temple and I’m always buying things from the shop. I never leave without buying anything. I would just like to say a big thank you to Emmaus for giving me the opportunity to be a volunteer.