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The Emmaus Greenwich community opened in 1994 and provides a home to 33 formerly homeless men and women, known as companions.

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Our mission statement, which we take very seriously, is:

To establish and maintain a successful community for previously homeless people; enabling them, through the provision of accommodation and work in a self-supporting social enterprise, to recover their dignity, regain control over their lives, and generate the wherewithal to help those less fortunate than themselves."

Each companion is given their own room in the community, as well as a small allowance and all living expenses are paid for. In return, companions agree to undertake certain responsibilities within the community. This can range from cooking and cleaning to mending and restoring furniture in the workshop, working in the community shops, working on the collection and delivery vans or in the warehouse sorting donations.

The items we collect are sold at affordable prices in our five shops, through which we aim to generate enough income to create a self-supporting residential community.

Many Emmaus companions have been living on the streets and sleeping rough. They come from many different backgrounds and have become homeless for a variety of reasons relationship breakdown, job loss or bereavement often play a significant part. Many struggle with alcohol and drug dependency.

In the workshop

Those coming to Emmaus must be prepared to carry out tasks and responsibilities in the community and sign off all benefits accept for housing benefit which is used to help run the community. The community leader plays an important role in ensuring that companions have access to the support, personal development, and any training they need to make real and lasting changes in their lives.

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