Tuesday 21 May 2019

Companion Gav's solidarity trip to Benin

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Emmaus Gloucestershire resident Gavin travelled to Benin on a solidarity trip as part of his time with Emmaus, spending time at an Emmaus community which supports women and children through schooling and learning a trade.

When he was there, Gav visited Emmaus AFA, Association des Femmes Amies or Association of Women Friends. Emmaus AFA offer help to women and children. Children are taught to read, take part in cultural activities and are made aware of their rights by an AFA youth worker. They work to combat child trafficking and also run information sessions for women on human rights, health, hygiene and environmental protection.

When Gav visited, he met a group of young women. Emmaus AFA had saved seven children from being sold into slavery by their parents in the city and funded their schooling. They can be seen here collecting their diplomas.

IMG 6948

IMG 6931

IMG 6954IMG 6978Emmaus AFA give them each some tools, such as hairdressing equipment, to help them start a business. They also offer microcredit, which is small loans for those who often lack collateral at the market, which helps these women to buy their goods to sell at the market. The women then pay Emmaus AFA back in small instalments.

To find out more about Association des Femmes Amies, please visit here