Friday 2 March 2018

The value of volunteering (and a £1400 necklace)

amber necklace auctioned for 1400

Sorting through the donated goods at one of our two charity shops in Market Street, Nailsworth, eagle-eyed volunteer, Andy Marsden, noticed an orange beaded necklace that she thought might be worth a bit more than the usual couple of pounds charged. It turned out she was correct. The amber necklace has since sold at Stroud Auction rooms, raising £1400 for the charity.

“I was tipping out bags of donations, sorting and separating the bric- a-brac from the shoes and the clothes, when this necklace caught my eye. I’ve been volunteering here for the past 8 years and you just get a feel for noticing something a bit special. It’s never dull here. You just don’t know what’s going to turn up amongst the donations.”

Shop Manager, Judith Wheeler, commented, “The sale of this one item meant we achieved the shop’s highest daily income ever! We’re delighted. It just shows what an enormous difference volunteers and donors make to the lives of formerly homeless people. We are extremely grateful for how much people show they care by donating and shopping with us.”

Newly appointed Chief Executive, Joe Feeley, added, “The money raised by our charity shops enables us to provide a home and meaningful work for previously homeless people, and to support others who are socially excluded.”