Friday 29 May 2015

We are looking for new volunteers

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National volunteers'week runs from 1-7 June and Emmaus Gloucestershire are recruiting volunteers to work in our shops that support a community which provides a home and meaningful work for 33 formerly homeless people. Emmaus Gloucestershire was founded by volunteers over twenty years ago and some of them are still there today. 

Addie Stevenson, CEO says “Without volunteers we would not be the successful charity and social enterprise that we are today and we have a number of roles available. 

Volunteers work at the charity shops in the county, drive vans to collect and deliver furniture and sort the mountain of clothing and household goods that are generously donated by the public of Gloucestershire. Others volunteer at the warehouse, upcycling and recycling goods to help reduce waste and landfill.

Emmaus Gloucestershire is a community and a great place to volunteer. Volunteers come to Emmaus because they want to give, but they are often surprised to find positive benefits for themselves.  

Ann, a volunteer at Emmaus says:

“I have been sorting and displaying bric a brac at Emmaus now two days a week, for the past 18 months.  It’s nothing like the job I did before I retired but I love being part of this community and helping to raise the money we need to be independent.”

John has been a volunteer driver at Emmaus for nine years:

 "I love the whole ethos of Emmaus, the ability to give something back to the community.  I can relate to the companions.  There is a lovely camaraderie.  Everyone has ups and downs in life and I feel I can help by lending an ear or giving advice.”

 Check out for details of all of the volunteer roles.