Monday 16 March 2015

Francis takes on the marathon: training blogs

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After receiving support from Emmaus, Francis now has a stable home in the Emmaus Gloucestershire community and is determined to represent the charity that helped him turn his life around, as well as speaking out for other homeless people across the UK.

Francis said: “The services provided by Emmaus have given me the vital stability and platform to reintegrate back into society and speak out for other socially excluded groups. Emmaus has been my salvation, if I had not found the charity I would not be in this world any more.

“So I have the race of my life. Sponsorship for me and Emmaus will change a socially excluded person into a passionate, fully contributing member of the human race.”

Francis wants to inspire others and is writing a series of blogs about his training for the marathon:

To support Francis towards raising his target go to:

To read Francis’ story click here