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We believe that people who are homeless and socially excluded have something to offer. We encourage people to use their skills to change themselves – and change the world.

Working behind the counter at Emmaus Glasgow

The Emmaus community in Glasgow opened in 2006 and now offers a home to 27 former homeless men and women, known as companions, and a recycling/reuse business with three retail charity shops.

We work closely with other organisations in the area to support people who are homeless or have become trapped by poverty, helping them to develop skills and self-respect through working and contributing.

As well as working for the community business, companions are supported in whatever way they need, to address the issues that have brought them into Emmaus. They are also encouraged to look outside themselves, working on 'solidarity' projects to help others in the neighbourhood, and much further afield.

Our companions have been involved locally with Get Hooked on Fishing, volunteering at the soup run, distributing The Pavement Magazine, as well as helping support other local charities in Glasgow. Also through our links with the Emmaus International Movement, in projects in Benin, West Africa and Bosnia.

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