Sunday 1 September 2019, Various

Skydive Challenge


Do you want to enjoy the exhilarating and unforgettable feeling of a skydive, flying through the clouds from over 10, 000 ft at up to 120mph? Then why not take on a sponsored freefall parachute jump on our behalf whilst raising invaluable funds to help us to provide support and accommodation for formerly homeless men and women across the UK. 

What’s the registration fee and how much do I have to raise? 

Option A - the skydiver can pay for their jump, each tandem skydive costs £285 (including a £70 deposit) and then look to raise sponsorship for Emmaus UK. This would involve booking as normal through the Skyline Events website or giving them a call. 

Option B -  ‘Free’ jump: Participant to pay the initial £70 deposit, (can either be claimed back from sponsorship if participant receives cash sponsorship or Emmaus UK will be invoiced if sponsorship is raised through an online fundraising page). A min sponsorship of £325 would then be needed to cover the cost of the jump, meaning £110 would be received by Emmaus UK.

If you’d like to raise awareness and vital funds for Emmaus UK sign up today!

For more information please contact our fundraising team

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