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Emmaus Dover is one of more than 300 communities throughout the world that provide a home, work and a future for men and women who were previously homeless.

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We have been in Archcliffe Fort since 1995 but the buildings were in various states of dilapidation then so we were only partly operational in the early years. After spending about £500,000, we have been fully operational since July 1998.

The community has its own business, mainly centred around the collection, repair, renovation and resale of donated goods of all sorts, with particular emphasis on furniture and electrical white goods.

In addition, some new goods are made in the community workshop, using recycled materials wherever possible. We also do some gardening work.

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The aim is that the community will be financially self-sustaining.

 In the year up to the end of June 2017, we have provided “a home” on 9778 days and nights; our average occupancy rate has been 85% of capacity.

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