Monday 3 December 2018

Bulky Waste success

van bulky

We're so excited to announce that our Bulky Waste collections contract with Coventry City Council has been renewed, and that we're now also providing the same service in North Warwickshire.

One of the ways we raise funds for Emmaus Coventry & Warwickshire is through our Bulky Waste collections work. We drive around collecting unwanted large items from households that book to use their local council's Bulky Waste service and take it to be recycled/disposed of. Coventry City Council have employed us to carry out this work for a number of years now, and our contract has just been renewed once again.

We're so pleased that in addition to this work in the Coventry area, North Warwickshire Borough Council’s Recycling Team has now selected us to carry out their own Bulky Waste collections service in that area too.

When a customer books a collection from one of these two councils, it's our van which carries out the work. We drive around, allowing residents to recycle their furniture and electrical items.

We separate out any re-usable items for re-sale or re-distribution within the Coventry and Warwickshire area. Large items such as sofas, wardrobes and dining tables can be reused and sold in our Emmaus shop on Red Lane in Coventry, raising extra funds for our charity.

Speaking about the new North Warwickshire contract, Cllr Margaret Bell said:

This partnership means residents can dispose of their unwanted pieces of furniture or electrical goods and benefit a great charity at the same time. At this time of year especially, people are looking to replace large items and, for a small fee, you can have these collected from your home. Items don’t have to be in perfect condition as the companions will repair and restore items giving them the opportunity to learn new skills and raise the money for the charity.”

In North Warwickshire, the service operates Monday to Friday with each area of the Borough having a dedicated collection day. Visit for more information and to place a booking phone 01827 715 341.

In Coventry city, the service collects from specific areas of the city on weekdays. Your collection day will depend upon where in the city you live. Visit to book online and for more information.