Wednesday 30 August 2017

Stuart passes cycle mechanic course

Stuart with cycle

We're proud to announce that our companion Stuart recently celebrated achieving his Level 2 Cycle Maintenance qualification.

This summer, Stuart has been attending cycle mechanic training as part of his aim to get back into employment, and is now fully qualified to service and repair bicycles.

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Following a battle with alcoholism that led to losing his home and sleeping rough, he's now turning his life around thanks to support from Emmaus.

Speaking about his achievement, Stuart said:

I’m thrilled to bits! I’ve been working really hard over the last few months to get this qualification. It means I can help Emmaus – the charity that has helped me so much – because I can now service and repair bikes to sell in its charity shop. It also means that this is another step on my road back into living independently again. It wasn’t that long ago I was living homeless on a canal tow path, and this is all part of making sure I never end up that way again. I’m proud to be able to put on my CV that I’m a qualified cycle mechanic and hope that it’ll help me get back into employment soon."

Stuart’s training came through a unique partnership with local charity, Langley House Trust. The New Life Cycle project run by Langley House Trust in Coventry works with former offenders, giving them hands-on skills in bicycle repair, upcycling and reselling used bikes. Thanks to this new collaboration with Emmaus, the Trust has been able to provide funding to put Stuart through this officially accredited course.

Stuart's come a long way in his year with Emmaus and we’re very happy to see him make such progress. Our charity is all about not just giving people a bed, but  giving them the support and training needed to move on when they are ready, and Stuart’s a great example of this.

Stuart Emmaus story photo

Stuart's story

"Born and bred in Wolverhampton, I ended up living homeless on a canal tow path."

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