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The Emmaus Cornwall group was set up in 2011, and there are big plans to set up the first Emmaus community in the area.

Like many parts of the UK, Cornwall is suffering the impact of the economic downturn, with more and more people living in poverty, struggling to make ends meet, and many finding themselves homeless. Since 2012, the number of people reported sleeping rough in Cornwall has doubled.

An Emmaus community offers a home and meaningful work for those who have experienced homelessness.

Becoming homeless can have a devastating impact on someone's self- esteem. This is not something that is always resolved just because they get a roof over their head. Emmaus offers something different. Those coming to live at an Emmaus community are provided with a home for as long as they need it, companionship from others and a sense of purpose, as everyone works together to support their community.

A group of committed volunteers are working tirelessly to set up Cornwall's first Emmaus community, providing people with a chance to work their way out of homelessness.

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