Friday 13 October 2017

Emmaus Colchester have joined the Essex Lottery


Essex County Council has established a weekly lottery to help raise funds for community projects throughout the county, and we have signed up to be a part of it. The Essex Lottery, expected to be “the largest County Council run lottery in the UK”, will launch this month.

Tickets for the weekly lottery will cost £1. From each ticket sold, 60p will be donated to good causes – “more than double the National Lottery” according to the Council. Of this 50p goes straight to the player’s chosen charity (from those registered on The Essex Lottery website) and 10p will be donated to a central fund, which will be allocated to good causes as grants.

Prizes will be made up from 20p per ticket, and the remaining 20p will fund the administration of the lottery and VAT.

To find out more please click here.